Playing and Learning IoT, AI & Robotics Coding by Yourself


A product born-to-IoT and Robotics programming education, Kickduino, enables you to learn coding. Our IoT Lab Kit has been widely used over 100 schools in Taiwan.


DIY intelligence programming carton car is the most innovative maker design. From the selection of carton, the structures of assembly to the applications, all are the top choices.


It is a product to leave away assembly. Just focus on programming like playing a magic cube. Bring it to everywhere you want!

IoT Lab Kit

Connect different modules together to your ideas. Realize your science dream with IoT Lab Kit. Being a little scientist is that easy!


Graphicallized programming. Easy coding, fun learning.

STEAM Education

Wanna know what STEAM education? It is the future of human beings. Are you ready to for it?


Let’s join coding field with Arduino hand-inhand via IoT Lab Kit!


KicoCaRTON 3D Video


KicoCarton Structures


IoT Lab Kit Application



Let’s join the best STEAM education than ever.

Functions and Features

IoT Lab Kit

  • Compatible with Arduino UNO, R3, NANO, and MEGA boards.

  • Abundent and various teaching materials for classes.

  • Many surprised modules.Motor, RGB LED, Heartbeating sensor, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2.4G, dripping, fire sensors, etc.


  • RoboCom 2017 Worldwide Robotics Competition designated car.

  • Graphicaillized progamming to control your own car.

  • 6 courses to make your learning more convenient.

  • All the courses fit current teaching and standard of applications.

LEGO car

  • Move your LEGO car.

  • Connect to the most popular graphicallized programming.

  • Bring LEGO to a higher interesting level.

  • Build your model in few hours.


  • Bluetooth receiver module

  • Buzzer module

  • Heart-beating sensor module

  • Light sensor module

  • Horn module

  • Ultrasonic module

  • Infrared ray module

  • Temperary and humidity module
  • Button module

  • LED module

  • Tilt sensor module

  • Magnet sensor module

  • Fire sensor module

  • Tracker sensor module

  • Collision sensor module

coding compatibility

  • S4A
  • Scratch
  • Arduino
  • APP Inventor
  • Multi-language Learning
  • Module Replaced
Complete Curriculum
  • S4A
  • Scratch
  • Arduino
  • APP Inventor
  • Modules All-in-one
  • Module Replaced
Complete Curriculum
  • S4A
  • Scratch
  • Arduino
  • APP Inventor
  • Multi-language Learning
  • Module Replaced
Unit Curriculums

About Us

Kickduino has been widely applicated over 100 schools in Taiwan and kept growing.
We devote ourselves to create an environment of programming learning.
Teachers give teaching in an easier way while students immerse in programming learning with our complete curriculum.

IoT and robotisc are indespensible curriculum. Robots are probably going to step into our families in a decade. It is a trend to learn programming. We have complete products and curriculums. It is easy to learn and do various experiments and aplications from school education, extracurriculum, to self-study!

We will bring you to feel the whole new world of happy learning in STEAM education.

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